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Last Goodbye Guitar Tabs – Buckley Jeff

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(J. Buckley) 

the slide bit just goes from fret 2 to 5 to 12 to 7.  
But here's how Jeffrey does it when in Japan (not using a slide).

*Intro (Live & Acoustic in Japan):

D ---2---2-4-5--->5---7^5-|--7>9---9--9-----7---
B ---2---2------->5---5---|--5>7---7--8^7---7---
G ---2---2------->5-------|--5>7---7--------7---
D ---2---2------->5-------|--5>7---7--------7---
G ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-------|---------------------
D ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-------|---------------------

   1st & 3rd times

D ---2---2-4-5--->5---7^5-|--5>12--7--------  2nd time
B ---2---2------->5---5---|--5>12--7--------
G ---2---2------->5-------|--5>12--7--------
D ---2---2------->5-------|--5>12--7--------
G ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-------|-----------------
D ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-------|-----------------  

then finish on.......and move into this

D ------0-|--0-- || ---0---0---0---0--|--
B ------0-|--0-- || ---0---0---0---X--|--
G ------6-|--4-- || --12--12--12--11--|--
D ------7-|--5-- || ---0---0---0---0--|--
G --------|--0-- || --12--12--12--11--|--
D --------|----- || ---0---0---0---0--|--

*Intro (Part 2):  


then finish on the A7, G sequence

D --------|---0---------------     then into the
B --------|---0------------        Dsus/D thing as
G -----0--|---0------------        tabbed above.
D -----5--|---0--------------
G -----6--|---4--------------- 
D -----7--|---5--------------


D ---0--0--|-0----|--0-|--0-|---|---|--0---0--|-----
B ---0--0--|-0----|--0-|--X-|-0-|-0-|--0---X--|-----
G ---7--6--|-0----|--0-|-11-|-6-|-0-|-12--11--|-----
D ---9--7--|-2--4-|--5-|--0-|-7-|-5-|--0---0--|-----
G ---7--6--|-0--0-|--4-|-11-|-6-|-4-|-12--11--|-----
D ---9--7--|-2--4-|--5-|--0-|-7-|-5-|--0---0--|-----

2nd time, reverse Em (2/0/2/0) and the G (5/4/5/0). 

tricky "what are they?" chords

D ----(3)--|-(3)---3-------
B ----(6)--|-(6)---6------- 
G -----5---|--5----3-------
D -----3---|--3----3-------
G -----5---|--5----3-------
D -----0---|--0----3-------

For "kiss me please kiss me", back to the barre chords

D ---2-----5--|--0-----7---||----"I'd only make you cry..."
B ---2-----5--|--0-----7---||---------------|--------------
G ---2-----5--|--0-----7---||----0----------|-------------0
D ---2-----5--|--0-----7---||----5----------|-------------0
G ---2-----5--|--0-----7---||----6----------|-------------4
D ------------|------------||----7----------|-------------5

*Middle 8:

Dsus/D until:


"Did you say no this can't happen....", where I've 
-consistent F# high note which seems to be in every
chord in this section (except the last 4).

D ----0---0--|--0---X--||---2--|-0--|-0--|-0---------------
B ----7---7--|--7---7--||---0--|-1--|-5--|-0---------------
G ----7---7--|--7---7--||---0--|-2--|-5--|-0---------------
D ----0---0--|--X---0--||---2--|-2--|-0--|-0---------------
G ----7---X--|--6---0--||---0--|-2--|-5--|-4---------------
D ----0---9--|--7---5--||---2--|-X--|----|-5---------------

Then part 2 of the intro, twice, then Dsus/D, then climax 
("bells of the churchtower...so hard
on her soft eyes...")

B---8---7---5---7----5---7---8---10------- each chord here 
G---9---7---6---7----5---7---9---11------- is pretty much -
D---0---0---0---0----0---0---0----0------- equal to one bar 
G---9---7---6---7----5---7---9---11------- of music ---

then the tricky "what are they?" chords, then finish up on "o-o-o-over" 


and you're pretty much done.


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